Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition by Vesanto Melina & Brenda Davis

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Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition by Vesanto Melina & Brenda Davis

If you are a health professional or a person who is looking for in-depth information, “Becoming Vegan: Comprehensive Edition” provides the detail you are looking for. It sets the standard on vegan nutrition, with exhaustive analysis and full referencing.

Whether you’re considering going vegan for your health, out of concern for the environment, or to avoid contributing to the suffering of animals, “Becoming Vegan: Express Edition” is the resource that you will keep coming back to. It answers all the questions you, your family and your friends might have about vegan health and nutrition.

In thus book, internationally acclaimed vegan dietitians and speakers Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina present the latest findings on the following:

  • using plant foods to protect against chronic diseases
  • obtaining sufficient protein without meat, eggs, or dairy products
  • maintaining a healthy weight and discovering the keys to fitness
  • designing balanced vegan diets for infants, children, and seniors
  • incorporating “good” fats and learning where to find them
  • meeting calcium needs without dairy products
  • maintaining excellent vitamin B12 status.
  • ensuring a healthy vegan pregnancy and ample nutrition for breast-feeding

Entirely revised, this seminal classic offers fresh insights on the treatment of animals in food production and other industries. They also include new evidence of the health benefits of a vegan diet, expanded information on phytonutrients, and a thoroughly updated food guide. The streamlined “express” version is extensive yet easily understandable for anyone who wants to learn how to construct a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet, while the “comprehensive” edition provides a meticulous overview of research, and is suitable (and widely used) for advanced nutrition study.

Below is a video from Brenda Davis discussing Omega 3's, an example of the quality of information you'll find in the book: