Benecos Rouge Brush

$25.99 CAD
By Benecos

A gorgeous, 100% vegan brush perfect for the application of rouge powder. This brush is made with a natural bamboo shaft, recycled aluminum collar and vegan toray fibres.

Product Information

What are Toray fibres? They are a very high quality, man-made and cruelty-free alternative man-made alternative to animal hair that are very fine, very uniform, perfectly suited for detail work and gentle for sensitive or delicate skin.

Product Ingredients

Bamboo brush shaft, Recycled Aluminum Collar, Toray brush fibers.

Brand Information

In 2008 a couple, Silke and Stephan, had a vision that they made into a reality. They had a simple goal of creating a natural cosmetic brand providing the best of glamorous conventional cosmetics with certified, resource-conserving organic ingredients. Benecos was born! Bene meaning “good” in Latin and cos for “cosmetics” the brand literally means good cosmetics.