Gogo Quinoa Dill Pickle Puffs - 113g

$4.29 CAD

Gogo Quinoa Dill Pickle Puffs (113g)

These Quinoa Puffs are the perfect snack! Made with 100% organic ingredients, they stand out for their fresh dill and punchy vinegar taste, crunchy texture and 6g of protein per serving.

Ingredients: Quinoa flour*, Sunflower oil*, Sorghum flour*, Brown rice flour*, Seasoning (corn maltodextrin*, salt, sugar*, dextrose*, rice maltodextrin*, garlic powder*, citric acid, spices*), Pea protein*, Sacha Inchi flour *1, Tocobiol (sunflower extract).
*Organic ingredients 1. Sacha inchi, also called “Inca nut”, is a seed native to the Amazon Basin.