Konscious Foods Kale Gomae Onigiri - 204g

$9.49 CAD

Konscious Foods Kale Gomae Onigiri (204g)

The chefs at Konscious Foods have created delicious and healthful plant-based seafood. With absolutely no compromising taste- these onigiri are ready to eat in minutes!

Ingredients: Water, rice, kale, rice vinegar, sugars [organic cane sugar, trehalose (simple sugar)], edamame, tahini, tamari (water, soybeans, salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, lactic acid), sunflower oil, organic chickpea miso [organic rice koji (organic rice, koji spores), organic chickpeas, sea salt], black sesame seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, sea salt, red quinoa, white sesame seeds, sesame oil, potato starch, ginger puree, garlic puree.

Contains: Soy, sesame.