Konscious Foods Korean BBQ Mushroom Onigiri - 204g

$9.49 CAD

Konscious Foods Korean BBQ Mushroom Onigiri (204g)

The chefs at Konscious Foods have created delicious and healthful plant-based seafood. With absolutely no compromising taste- enjoy this vegan spin on onigiri! Just thaw from frozen and dig in!

Ingredients: Water, rice, rice vinegar, tamari (water, soybeans, salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar, lactic acid), sugars [organic cane sugar, trehalose (simple sugar)], carrots, mushroom, apple puree, red pepper powder, sunflower oil, black sesame seeds, green onions, red quinoa, sea salt, ginger puree, konjac, potato starch, distilled vinegar, pea protein, garlic powder, sesame oil, organic chickpea miso [organic rice koji (organic rice, koji spores), organic chickpeas, sea salt], natural flavours, black pepper, xanthan gum, turmeric.

Contains: Soy, sesame.