Living Alchemy Your Flora Terrain Digestive Lining - 60 caps

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Living Alchemy Your Flora Terrain Digestive Lining  (60 caps)

Your Flora includes Kefi-Soy™, a unique Kefir-kombucha fermentation of non-GMO, certified organic soy, combining 35 strains of live micro-organisms to create a complete living ecosystem. 

Restores Digestive Lining
Helps Leaky Gut
Regulates Stomach Acid Production
Helps Support Intestinal/Gastrointestinal Health & Promotes a Favorable Gut Flora

Medicinal Ingredients:
Kefi-Soy™: Organic Fermented Soybean (Glycine max, seed) 133.3 mg
Organic Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera, whole leaf) 100mg
Organic Slippery Elm (Ulmus Rubra, stem bark inner) 83.3mg
Organic Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis, root) 83.3 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Organic pullulan capsule (Organic pullulan starch, water)