Loki's Baklava Twist Pistachio Nut Butter - 240g

$23.99 CAD
By Loki's

Loki's Baklava Twist Pistachio Nut Butter (240g)

Get on board of the Orient Express heading to Baklava Land and experience the royal taste of Pistachios. Low in calories yet high in protein.

With healthy and simple ingredients, you will get LOKI’S nut butter delicious aroma. Made from Roasted Pistachios with a pinch of Monk Fruit sweetness.

Spread it on toast, mix it up with your breakfast bowl, dig in with a spoon or maybe add it to a smoothie. The Pistachio taste goodness will never fail you.

Ingredients: Pistachio, Stevia & Erythritol blend, Avocado oil, Vanilla extract, Salt.

Contains: Pistachios