Omni Plant-Based Tuna in Oil - 100g

$3.99 CAD
By Omni

Omni Plant-Based Tuna in Oil (100g)

Made from a unique blend of non-GMO soy, OmniTuna is high in protein (13g), low in saturated fat and a source of fiber, and more importantly, mercury-free. The Omni Tuna in oil recreates the texture of real canned tuna without any oily residue in your mouth and brings you the same savoury gastronomic pleasure.

Ingredients: Water, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Protein Isolate, Canola Oil, Wheat Gluten, Natural Flavours, Yeast Extract, Soybean Meal, Salt, Potato Starch, Wheat Starch, Algal Oil, Artificial Flavours, Carrot Juice Concentrate, Vegetable Extract (Soybean, Carrot,

Contains: Soy, Wheat.