Salt & Sparkle 'Dog Mom' Sterling Silver Disc Necklace

$44.99 CAD

This is a beautiful and shiny circle necklace from Salt and Sparkle hand stamped with the phrase 'Dog Mom' in tiny uppercase block letters. 

Product Information

This dainty and light 20 gauge circle measures 11mm. All components of the handcrafted necklace are gorgeous sterling silver. The vegan ink used to darken the lettering is semi-permanent. Each necklace is handmade and a little different due to the nature of hand stamping.

Brand Information

Randi, owner of Salt and Sparkle, is a Brooklyn native, high school guidance counselor, an animal advocate and a full time boss babe. She grew her handmade gift shop organically out of her love for personalized jewelry and her obsessive need to do it all herself. She's a one woman show! Randi uses vegan inks and no animal products in her jewelry making processes. She purchases the vast majority of her materials from other women-owned small businesses all over America. She designs and makes every item in her shop. Randi hand stamps and ties a bow on every gift box, with the direct supervision and approval of her full time quality control team - her six cats.