Salt & Sparkle 'Vegan' Sterling Silver Bar Necklace

$44.99 CAD

This is a beautiful and shiny sterling silver vertical dainty bar necklace hand stamped with "vegan" fro Salt and Sparkle. 

Product Information

The vertical sterling silver bar measures 1 1/4'' x 1/4''. It is dainty and light but sturdy. All pieces including the clasp are gorgeous sterling silver. The vegan ink used to darken the lettering is semi-permanent. Each necklace is handmade and a little different due to the nature of hand stamping.

Brand Information

Randi, owner of Salt and Sparkle, is a Brooklyn native, high school guidance counselor, an animal advocate and a full time boss babe. She grew her handmade gift shop organically out of her love for personalized jewelry and her obsessive need to do it all herself. She's a one woman show! Randi uses vegan inks and no animal products in her jewelry making processes. She purchases the vast majority of her materials from other women-owned small businesses all over America. She designs and makes every item in her shop. Randi hand stamps and ties a bow on every gift box, with the direct supervision and approval of her full time quality control team - her six cats.