Simply Delish Chowder Lovers Chowder - 158g

$10.99 CAD

Simply Delish Chowder Lovers Chowder (158g)

Hand-made in Langley, Simply Delish believes in spending time with family! That is why the majority of their recipes can be made by adding water, one or two optional additions and simmering stove top for 30-40 mins. They've done the work for you so you can enjoy your free time without having to slave away in the kitchen!

Beautiful chowder base for any type of chowder you enjoy.

Ingredients: Plant based stock, Potato flakes, onion flakes, Veggies (dehydrated carrots, leeks, red/green pepper, cabbage, celery, sulphites), spices.
Allergy alert: made in a facility containing walnuts, almonds, coconut and mustard.