Sriracha Revolver Chili Garlic Hot Sauce - 130ml

$7.99 CAD

Sriracha Revolver Chili Garlic Hot Sauce (130ml)

Sriracha Revolver is a brand of premium, all natural sriracha-style hot sauces, made in small batches, in Vancouver, BC. Their goal has been to blend fresh Mexican and Thai ingredients together to make something new, and delicious.

Their name represents their mission: Sriracha is a kind of sauce that originates from Thailand from a town of the same name. Revolver is the Spanish verb for mix, shake and stir.

Shake well. No colours added, no preservatives, all natural.
​Made in a gluten free facility.

Ingredients: vinegar, garlic, cane sugar, chili, red pepper, sea salt, citric acid..