Triple Crown Organic Classic BBQ Sauce - 350ml

$8.99 CAD

Triple Crown Organic Classic BBQ Sauce (350ml)

Triple Crown Classic Organic BBQ Sauce is the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and smoky flavors. It makes a killer marinade or sauce for slow-roasted meats, a rich base for baked beans, or an excellent everyday condiment for vegetarian and vegan delights.

Ingredients: Tomato Puree* (tomato paste, water), Cane Sugar*, White Vinegar*, Tamari* (water, soy beans*, salt, alcohol*), Sea Salt, Worcestershire Sauce* (apple cider vinegar*, molasses*, tamari* [water, soy beans*, salt], water, cane sugar*, salt, lemon juice concentrate*, ginger puree*, tamarind*, chili pepper*, garlic powder*, xanthan gum, shiitake mushrooms*, allspice*, cloves*, orange extract*, lemon extract*, natural smoke flavor, onion oil), Hickory Liquid Smoke (water, natural hickory smoke concentrate), Molasses*, Black Pepper*, Garlic Powder*, Onion Powder*.