Truffula White Truffle Cheese - 125g

$13.99 CAD

Truffula White Truffle Cheese (125g)

For the culinary connoisseurs and food lovers alike, our white truffle cashew cheese wheel offers the slightly garlicky and musky flavour of white truffles without overpowering the wheel itself. Delicate, earthy, and elegant, we achieve this perfect balance by using pure white truffle olive oil to flavour this wheel, lending it an intoxicating aroma and flavour. Pair this delectable wheel with aged wine, a fig balsamic, roasted beets, or an arugula salad. It’s also great with pasta and potatoes (miso gravy poutine anyone?).

Ingredients: Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Nutritional yeast, White truffle oil (olive oil, white truffle), Himalayan pink salt, Organic white peppercorns, Bacterial cultures.