West Coast Seeds Atlantis "Brokali" Broccoli Seeds - 50 Seeds

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West Coast Seeds Atlantis "Brokali" Broccoli Seeds (50 Seeds)

Atlantis Brokali broccoli seeds are a new hybrid cross between broccoli and kale for spring/summer sowing and late summer/autumn harvests. The main head can be harvested 60-80 days after direct sowing. Then the plant produces scores of tasty, tender side shoots. Atlantis Brokali has a sweet flavour somewhere between broccoli and asparagus, plus a crisp, fresh texture. Be sure to do multiple plantings of this unusual variety to extend the harvest window. Start some indoors in early spring for late spring transplanting. Start some more seeds indoors at the time you transplant, and then repeat a third time for late summer harvests.

Matures in 60-80 days. (Hybrid seeds)