West Coast Seeds Merlin Beets Seeds - 100 Seeds

$3.89 CAD

West Coast Seeds Merlin Beets Seeds (100 Seeds)

Merlin Organic Beet seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Merlin beets are very dark red and flavourful beet that keeps its shape well when planted densely. Merlin's leafy green tops have hybrid disease resistance, so they stay vibrant throughout the season while many other varieties become mottled or tired-looking. This one is a regular winner in our beet trials, with impeccable uniformity, consistent good flavour, and generally attractive overall structure. They look sensational on the market table. Be sure to thin beets carefully to 7-15cm (3-6") apart in the row so that each has room to grow to full size.

Matures in 55 days. (Hybrid seeds)