On World Ocean Day, let's reflect on where we are, and how we can do better! 

The average person today consumes double the amount of fish they did 50 years ago. As a result, over half of global fish populations are fully fished, and rapidly declining. David Attenbourough’s Blue Planet II, and the recent Seaspiracy documentary, have brought to light the absolute destruction that is happening to marine life, and how the delicately balanced ecosystems of our Oceans are becoming increasingly fragile and unstable. If we don’t make changes the consequences will include massive species loss, and eventually, permanent destruction of marine life altogether. 

As ocean acidity increases (mainly caused by carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere dissolving into the ocean) it leads to a lowering of the water's pH, making the ocean more acidic. Many habitats, such as coral reefs, have already been lost or put at risk due to climate change and shelled marine life in particular will greatly struggle in more acidic waters. By switching to a Vegan diet, you help reduce the amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere for agricultural use which means you’ll help prevent the loss of species who can’t adapt quick enough to rising temperatures, and help the Ocean’s ecosystems re-stabilize!  

Did you know that over a quarter of a million whales, dolphins and porpoises die each year after being caught in fishing nets? Thousands of turtles, seals and birds also die from injuries caused by nets and tackle (known as ‘by-catch’) but despite this, the fishing industry continues because of human demand. By going Vegan, we can reduce that demand and stop participating in the massive exploitation of our Oceans and the destruction of the lives that dwell within them.  


To learn more about global conservation efforts, and those aiding in the protection of our Oceans and marine wildlife, we recommend following the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society here or watching Seaspiracy.

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June 08, 2022

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