As Veganuary (going Vegan for the month of January) has begun, Vegan Supply can help provide you with the products that you need to see you through a successful month of going Vegan. We remain committed to “Make Vegan Easy” since opening online in 2015.

During the month of January, we like to highlight our best sellers as suggestions for the newbie Vegans in your life, or for those taking the pledge for the month. We also offer one of the largest selection of meat and dairy alternatives in Vegan retail, as we understand that these can be one of the hardest or last switches for people transitioning to Vegan.

We offer an abundance of choice because we understand tastes differ, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why we streamline our website to make it as straightforward as possible, allowing you to find what you need, want, or might want to try.

Veganuary was coined out of the UK since its launch in 2014, and has been inspiring people around the globe to pledge going Vegan for the month of January, with a record half a million pledges in 2021. Upon signing up ( you will be provided with tools and guidance for the entire month with daily coaching emails, nutrition guides, and easy recipes.

With participants from over 200 Countries Worldwide, Veganuary continues to reach the masses and encourages people from all walks of the Globe to engage in healthy, compassionate, and environmentally focused impacts. Veganuary is free, although small donations are encouraged to help them continue to grow and thrive.

Pledging to go Vegan for the month of January means you’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of others in a commitment to make this month a great way to start off the New Year!

January 05, 2022

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