KSAR is dedicated to helping animals in need in Afghanistan. With over 300 dogs and cats in their Kabul based shelters, their staff of 85 including 10 veterinarians, works to ease the suffering of animals belonging to clients, street dogs and cats, as well as working K9 dogs from facilities around the country. Every dollar helps animals with no other advocates, and saves lives. For more info please visit: https://www.kabulsmallanimalrescue.com/


Located in Estrie, QC SAFE operates with a mission to Save, Educate, Connect and Raise Awareness. They rescue, rehab and shelter over 70 animals while educating the public about the violence and abuse farm animals endure. They create the link from human to animal so animals are seen as sentient beings worth respect, time and attention. And they help people recognize the direct impact purchasing choices (food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment) have on all living beings we share our planet with. To learn more please visit: https://www.safe-refuge.org/en/


You can donate online upon check-out or in-store. On behalf of the animals your gift supports, thank you! 

April 30, 2023

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