Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary is a Vegan Non-Profit Corporation located near Saint-Pascal-Baylon, Ontario Canada, that relies solely on the generosity of volunteers and supporters. No-one draws a salary and 100% of all monies raised through sponsorship, events or donations goes directly to the care of the 180+ rescued animals so they can live their entire lives in safe hands, knowing only love and kindness. 

Penny Lane acts as the "last chance" option for many of the animals that arrive to them through their partnership with humane societies. They save them from neglect and abuse by providing them a life that would be otherwise denied, in an environment of safety and care. Aside from directly donating, you can also volunteer. 

With an emphasis on teamwork, hardwork and learning, you can join their volunteer team and make a difference! Morning chores start at 9:00am and evening closes from 6:00pm-7:00pm, depending on the Season. To learn more, please visit:


A Home for Hooves is a volunteer run, registered Charity organisation, located in Duncan, BC Canada. They provide a forever home for nearly 200 rescued farm animals who have been abandoned, seized, or surrendered for various reasons. At A Home for Hooves Sanctuary, they are dedicated to rescuing animals and providing them with a loving and nurturing home.  

They are currently in need of funds to support ongoing operations and to expand their facilities so that they can take in more animals and give them the care they deserve.  Every donation received goes directly towards securing appropriate property and aids with building a medical unit to provide a high standard of medical care. 

Your generosity would give animals a warm barn to sleep in and vast gardens to help meet the animal's dietary needs. The new property will also be used to offer tours, community outreach, and humane education programs. To learn more please visit:
March 31, 2023

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