The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Founded in 1992 and beginning with 3 fostered donkey, The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada has since provided a lifelong home to over 300 donkeys, mules and hinnies who are unwanted, neglected or abused, or whose owners can no longer care for them; and promotes the responsible stewardship of all animals through humane education. Every animal at the DSC is extended peace, freedom and protection, the best possible care and medical attention, the right to life regardless of age or condition and a dignified, peaceful death, induced only in the event of extreme suffering or the loss of quality of life. Your gift will allow the continued work, education, care, and support that these animals so rightly deserve. To learn more please visit:



Rabbitats is a 100% volunteer run charity composed of a group of animal lovers dedicated to helping abandoned and feral rabbits.They provide humane and long term solutions to feral rabbit management through research, consultations, advisory and educational efforts.  Rabbitats helps build affordable colony housing for sterilized rabbits and educates new rabbit guardians on low maintenance and sustainable care. Controlled rabbit populations can replace feral colonies.Your generous contributions help us provide food, shelter, and veterinary care to the 300+ rabbits in our shelters.  To learn more please visit:


30 novembre, 2023

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