Heartwood Haven

Heartwood Haven is a local, woman-owned sanctuary for animals rescued from cruelty, abandonment, and neglect, located in Roy, WA. They are a home to over 85 rescued residents and have saved over 1,700 animals through local rescue and an adoption program. Their educational tours have also brought in over 2,000 visitors to the sanctuary to learn about the unique individuals living there. Your donation will help Heartwood Haven continue to fight against the disastrous effects of animal cruelty through rescue, education, and sanctuary to promote a more compassionate world for animals and humans.
To learn more please visit: https://heartwoodhaven.org/
Super Senior Cat Sanctuary
Super Senior Cat Sanctuary (SSCS) offers a safe place for senior and medical needs cats age 13+ by providing adoption and hospice. They prioritize cats at risk of euthanasia. Many of these cats find themselves in shelters when their guardians are deceased or unable/unwilling to care for them. Senior and medical needs cats are incredibly loving, resilient, playful, and deserving of care and love into their golden years.  SSCS provides a safe retirement home, medical care, snuggles, nap spots and play time, for as long as each cat needs it.
To learn more please visit: Super Senior Cat Sanctuary
30 mai, 2024

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