Where Can I find updates/changes to the on-going crisis:

Okanagan Humane Society

SPCA - Thompson Okanagan Wildfires Emergency Support

Animal Food Bank

Facebook Group - BCs Emergency Livestock Animal Evacuation Group

Pet Safe Coalition

Where can I donate Pet Food & Supplies CLICK HERE

Some of the most common items / requests for are:

  • Dry and wet cat/kitten food
  • Disposable litter trays (Dollar store)
  • Puppy/Kitten milk replacer
  • Puppy Pads
  • Dry and wet dog food
  • Crates (clean) Dog beds (clean)
  • Toys/long lasting chews to keep contained animals busy (Kongs to be stuffed, durable safe chew bones, interactive play toys, or any toys really!)
  • Cat harnesses/leashes
  • Can openers
  • Small bags cat litter
  • Litter scoops
  • Small garbage bags
  • Cat toys / Cat beds
  • Towels/Small blankets to cover cages/carriers
  • Food/water dishes (cat & dog)
  • Doggie poop bags
  • Paper towels/disinfectant wipes
  • Dog collars/leashes


You can also stop in to a local store and purchase items needed.  Gift cards are a wonderful idea as well so they can be used on a case by case basis as needs change/arise. 


Where can I donate to displaced Farm Animals CLICK HERE

Where Can I find emergency foster care for my companion animal CLICK HERE

Where can I find support / land for displaced horses CLICK HERE

We thank our Community for coming together to aid the displaced animals from the BC Wildfires and we thank the firefighters who courageously take on this crisis. Please contact us at info@vegansupply.ca if you think we have missed valuable information that needs to be shared regarding furthering the assistance of animals.

23 août, 2023

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