For the month of September we want to offer ways you can help animals currently affected by the BC Wildfires!

Four Paws Food Bank. 
Four Paws Food Bank is a non-profit organization devoted to keeping people going through tough times connected to their pets. They offer a weekly no-barrier pet food bank in Kamloops, provide pet food, supplies and emergency funding for vet care for families experiencing financial hardship and housing instability. They foster companion animals for people in shelters or hospitals and are offering assistance to animals currently displaced or evacuated from the BC Wildfires. To learn more please visit:
Animal Food Bank
The Animal Food Bank focuses on eliminating people having to choose between feeding themselves or their companion animals, or having to surrender them altogether due to inability to support them. Human food banks are not mandated to supply pet food, thus why this organization exists. Their website currently has specific information on how to donate, support, foster or receive support for those currently affected by the BC Wildfires. To learn more please visit:
31 août, 2023

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