Kabul Small Animal Rescue is a veterinary clinic and animal shelter in Afghanistan working to help animals in need. With over 450 dogs and cats in their Kabul based shelters, their staff of 90 (including 10 veterinarians) provide medical care and shelter to injured and orphaned street, and to companion animals. They also find loving homes for homeless animals by providing adoption services both in Afghanistan and abroad. Your donation helps these animals who have no other advocates, aids in rescue efforts, and saves lives. To learn more please visit: https://www.kabulsmallanimalrescue.com/

At the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, they're building a better, more sustainable world through community-centred conservation programs that support the intersection of animals, people, and the environment. They're continuing the work that Jane started in Africa more than 60 years ago, and bringing that work home to the 49th parallel. In Canada, they support youth and Indigenous communities to implement projects that address the convergence of climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental inequity. Your donation aids in this community-centred conservation organization that advances the vision and work of Dr. Jane Goodall and empowers people to be compassionate citizens dedicated to a more sustainable planet. To learn more please visit: https://janegoodall.ca/

*Jane Goodall Photography by Stuart Clarke
14 mars, 2024

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